Our Story

                                                The History
B. Long Fashion emerged from a Night Out in December 2017. After a long week as a Research and Development Chemist and ripping and running her three kids to various extra curricular activities; Brandi just wanted to feel cute and needed a night out.  So, after an hour of make-up and getting all dressed up she was ready for the night!  Knowing she had a bit of a hike to her destination from a downtown parking garage she grabbed her jacket and was ready to conquer the cold. The bar was packed with minimal seating available. She ordered a drink and proceeded to an open space near the dance floor. Now its hot!! She took her jacket off.  So, here is where the frustration hit. Brandi was now holding a drink in one hand with her jacket across the other arm . Not too bad right? Well, Brandi has been dancing since the age of two and was ready to hit the dance floor to vibe to the music. Here's where it got worse. She couldn't even enjoy dancing because both of her hands were full (Not to mention the draped jacket was taking away from her cute outfit). She was frustrated and eventually was over the entire night. Her next thought was; "I need a jacket that turns into a purse at the times I don't need it." Then BOOM she was on to her own personal scientific experiment to find the SOLUTION!
Chemist Gone Fashion!!!
Brandi then spent the next three years creating the functionality, writing a patent and finding the brand name, to full production in 2020.